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New Season's Wheat is harvested!

From now on we can sell whole wheat again!
January 31, 2021


BioGro Chook Wheat available

Here's a bargain for those of you with poultry! Normally we sell our grains and flours for human consumption only, but one of our farm suppliers had big issues getting in his wheat and the line doesn't meet our strict baking quality criteria. However, it is still a high quality feed grain, ideal for your free range flock.
January 06, 2021


Christmas Break 2020

The Milmore team is taking a well earned break over the solstice/New Year period. Our last dispatch day is 21 Dec and we are happy to take orders again from Monday 6th Jan. In the meantime though can we wish a blessed Christmas and a safe transition into 2021!
December 12, 2020


Tree Planting on Milmore Downs for CO2 Capture

Everybody of us has his/her own CO2 footprint on our planet, smaller ones and bigger ones. Altogether we in the industrialised world produce far too much and need to avoid what we can. At the same time we want to compensate what we can't avoid and contribute to climate repair. One is to plant trees, but not everyone has practically access to land, and that's where we can help.

Are you motivated? You can visit our linked site and see the many advantageous effects of tree planting.

Contact us (at the moment only under our email address ( to realize your dream and contribution. Your motivation can make it happen that more and more trees grow for a better climate.

We tried to find out about the original cover in the valley and there are some very small pockets in gullies on the farms down toward Waikari. You can get a bit of an idea. We want to re-establish natives in that style – looking back toward the cover that was here before those hill became the 'Black Hills' due to a major fire set by an Oat/chaff mill in the 1870's. It burnt from Waikari to the coast!

August 05, 2019