Rye Bread

We personally like a wheat/spelt (about 80%) rye (about 20%) bread very much. The bread stays longer moist and is very tasty. Friends of ours make a 100% rye bread. It is very yummy, but it needs a bit of patience to produce.

(First you need to produce a sourdough (you can buy sourdough or produce it by yourself)).

Grind 8 cups of whole rye or mix our rye flour 2/3 with 1/3 of kibbled rye.

Take 1 ½ cup sourdough out of cool store / fridge.

Tip into a large bowl.

Add hand-warm rain or filtered water (non-chlorinated).

Add 3 cups of whole grain rye flour, gently stir and lift under to make moist slurry (plenty of moisture activates it).

Prevent surface drying - place lid on top Place it in a warm place – leave for 6-8 hours

Optional add in: soak 2-400 g of seed separately (linseed, sunflower, pumpkin etc) leave to soak for same time as sourdough Afternoon, the slurry will have risen and be well fermented containing plenty of air bubbles. (Take out ½ cup sourdough starter for your next bread; add hand-warm water and 1 cup rye flour – drier consistency this time to slow fermentation processes. Leave for a while to get started, then place your sourdough starter into cool store / fridge for a fortnight for use in your next bread).

To the rest, add another 6 cups of rye flour, add salt, add the seeds you soaked earlier; gently stir and lift under to make moist slurry.

Fatten bread forms with butter. Gently transfer mixture into the bread forms. They should be half covered. Place in a warm place, cover to retain moisture and leave for 2-4 hours. Breads should have risen to fill forms.

Fire up oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Place bread into oven and pour some water for moisture onto oven base. Close oven door, leave for 10 min, then reduce temperature to 180 degrees and bake breads for about 45 min (depends on size of breads).

Open oven door, but leave breads in oven to gently loose heat for 10 min. Take out of oven and out of bread forms. Turn breads on back and check by knocking underside of bread – should return sound.

Place on grid to cool off, then in earthenware bread container with small air vent on top to keep your rye bread fresh for the fortnight.

Bon appetit

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