mean values

AVG Quantity/100g
Energy 340 cal
Protein 10.5 g


  2.5 g
  1.5 g

- sugar

   72 g
   0.4 g

dietary fibre

  11.0 g


    0.3 g


,We sell whole wheat in small amounts. Chook wheat seasonally available, look at Home&Garden, domestic animals
All wheat products are BioGro certified.

Wheat is one of the oldest and nowadays most important cultivated food plants. Wheat like all the seven grains is a member of the grass family. It prefers good fertility levels and sufficient moisture throughout the growing season.
Wheat is mostly used for baking bread and cakes. There are 3 main types of wheat – so called biscuit wheat with a lower protein content ideal for cakes and pastries, Durum wheat, a very hard variety for making pasta, and hard or bread wheats with high protein levels and good baking characteristics. Milmore Downs grows hard wheat varieties with excellent baking strength and the Biodynamic methods used enhance the quality still further. Our wholemeal flour is very finely milled in Zentrofan mills. The white wheat flour is carefully milled with a stone mill and sieved.
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