Wheat Products - only Flour available

The run on both white flour (with a touch of bran) and wholemeal flour has taxed our wheat grain reserves. We need to get back into balance, and so will not supplying any other wheat products until further notice. 
This does not affect our spelt product line. 

Apr 01, 2020



No Rye Flakes and no kibbled Rye

Due to the high demand of Ryeflour we wont produce any other rye products. Thanks for your understanding.
Mar 19, 2020


Slight delays in dispatching orders

Due to very high demand our processing facilities are barely keeping up despite milling around the clock.
However we will be able to supply you, so order as normal, and we'll get the products to you as promptly as possible. We are now one week behind.
Mar 18, 2020


Unfortunately no whole rye sales this season!

The 2020 harvest volumes were down on expectation, and with our commitments for processed rye products like flour, flakes and kibbles, there is not enough rye grain to go around. We are very sorry about this shortage.
Mar 16, 2020




End of the Year 2019 at Milmore Downs

Special thank to all our customers throughout the year. May we wish you a safe and blessed Christmas and a happy New Year. We are taking a break and the mills will be shut down for a couple of days.  You can order again at the start of the New Year for the first dispatch on the 7th January 2020.
Dec 17, 2019

White Dinkel flour from Milmore Downs

Our new product, white Dinkel/spelt flour with a bit of bran left in product ( where the good content sits). Go to our ordering page, click Dinkel and the whole range of products opens up.

Great News for Mushroom Growers

We have a good amount of BioGro/Demeter certified whole rye (maybe her a read more?) that is showing some sprout damage due to the very difficult harvesting conditions we experienced this summer. Unfortunately the damage is sufficient that the grain is not good baking quality but in all other respects is best organic material. It is a good growing substrate for mushrooms – we can supply it whole or kibbled as desired at the highly discounted price of $0.90 per kg plus GST

If you are interested, write an email to

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