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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We are taking a short break from the processing as supplies wind down, but actually we are busy with weaning, shearing, and preparing for the harvest, getting all the silos clean, checking the machinery, and so on ;-)
We are around, so you can always ask us to send something via courier, which we can drop off in Amberley during the break (no freight).

Thanks very much to all our customers for their trust and confidence in us and our products. It's been great to supply old customers and make new contacts over the year.

December 22, 2014


Dinkel roguing on Sunday, 14th December, 8.00 am.

Have a break from the every-day and help ensure the supply of seed for the 2015 sowing?
In every grain field there are rogue plants, plants of other cereals. They are present in small numbers, their seed not really affecting the bulk of grain harvested when it is used for milling. However, when saving seed for re-sowing, the ‘contamination’ steadil...y increases with each generation until it becomes a problem.
The solution ….. we walk the field as the grain comes into ear removing these ‘rogues’. We would love to invite you to join the action, to do some roguing with us. We are going to start at 8.00 am to avoid the heat, but if you can join us a bit later that's fine, too (we probably work for about 3 hours).
If you like we can have shared lunch afterwards. Please let us know if you like to come (and please send an email to
As more people come as easier and nicer for everybody
December 12, 2014


Grain supplies

Only 3 months left to the next harvest. Our silos are empty or critically low, and the demand is high. We try to distribute the products as wide as possible to everybody who is interested. Please understand that we don't give you the special price for big amounts from 200 kg onwards. Thank you.
September 08, 2014


Green manure for your garden

Plan your fertility crops now: We have a premixed seed line of rye and black oats available which is ideal as a green manure shop online: home & garden)
September 01, 2014


Springtime Cow Horn Manure Preparation Making

Saturday 4th October at Milmore Downs - Organic Agriculture
12.30 Shared Lunch, 1.30pm Discussion, lifting of the horns. You are very welcome to join this event.
Looking forward

August 27, 2014


Unfortunately no Dinkel for selling left :(

August 26, 2014


No naked and rolled oats available anymore

We are very sorry but our naked oats are sold out, they were very jummy, but low yields. The next harvest is in February 2015.
August 08, 2014


Max amount per order for Dinkel flour is 9/10 kg till the next harvest 2015.

July 01, 2014