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New Season's Wheat is harvested!

From now on we can sell whole wheat again!
January 31, 2021


Christmas Break 2020

The Milmore team is taking a well earned break over the solstice/New Year period. Our last dispatch day is 21 Dec and we are happy to take orders again from Monday 6th Jan.
In the meantime though can we wish a blessed Christmas and a safe transition into 2021!
December 12, 2020



Naked Barley available

After having sown our naked barley some sacks of the grain were not needed as seed. So we can sell naked barley in small amounts from now on. Let us know if you are interested.
October 04, 2012


The season was diffcult

For this season we can't offer anymore Naked Barley and Oats. Only quite a few products of Dinkel are available (see pricelist).
May 30, 2012


Some Dinkel products to sell!

Some Dinkel products to sell!

We already mentioned that the season was very difficult especially around harvest time with the high humidity and very short drying periods in between showers. Suddenly, very late in March, we had a small window with some sunshine and a light puff of drying norwester so we harvested what Dinkel was still on the stems at an alarming moisture. Normally grain needs to be 14% moisture or less for it to be stable in storage – ours was a critical 17+%. We had no choice, this or nothing. We moved it repeatedly from silo to truck and back to try and improve it, and at least keep it from going mouldy until it could be sown again. The germination test showed grain damage, but it survived well enough, and by the end of April the sowing was all completed – we had it back in the ground!

The grain that we didn’t need for sowing is stable. There isn’t much of it, but it is available!

We can offer Dinkel flakes and kibbled Dinkel anyway and are doing flour trials now (we will let you know if it will bake – but you can use the flour for pancakes, pizza bases, cakes, crackers and cookies anyway –the taste is even improved due to some malt production in the partial germination).

April 28, 2012


What happened to the Dinkel?

As you probably are well aware, this summer was a very difficult one for grain growers in North Canterbury. We too were very badly affected: we couldn't harvest any significant amounts of Dinkel and even rye and barley harvests were affected to some degree. Dinkel is a difficult crop. It does not form a dense canopy to keep weeds in check and in an extremely growthy year like this one there is severe competition. Then the over ripe grain in the field that is nevertheless too moist in the ear to be harvested is susceptible to ‘neck break’ – the ear just snaps off and falls to the ground. The remaining grain gives up at some point and a percentage sprouts in the ear, badly reducing baking qualities. We have seed for next year (with a reduced germination but hopefully useful) and are preparing now for the next round. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
All the other grains are available as before, whole, flour or flakes – check out the product list.
April 05, 2012