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How great are our products? Don't take our word for it, hear what our satisfied customers have to say! Sorry I didn't get around to write down more cuxtomers feedback. But now you can read some more.

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.......Definitely received the wonderful grains......DTB
December 31, 2017


Here I am again after your amazing flour.
Could I please have:...........AP
September 23, 2017


Time flies by, but it is fun measuring it in flour orders :) We really love your flour very much and have never felt better eating our homemade rye sourdough :) Thanks very much for all your hard work.
Could we please have:......AP
June 18, 2017


it was quite a surprise when your flour turned up on my doorstep :)
(embarassingly I have just remembered to go online and pay you ) 
I have several family members who avoid modern gluten .
Your flour is amazing !
We are loving it - and I can cook products for all the family - 
thank you - please keep doing what you are doing ! CH
April 02, 2017


My Breville bread maker gave up the ghost after about 12 years so purchased a Panasonic as it said you can make Spelt bread in it.First loaf a total disaster, small, flat topped, heavy, dense. Worst thing was it says it is to be expected with a specialty flour like Spelt.
Went online and found Jamie Oliver with his recipe in a Sunbeam. So tried 2/3rds your spelt 1/3rd white spelt, absolutely perfect.The nicest, softest loaf of bread ever even two days later.
Mind you I did wrap it in Lily Bee wrap, they are reusable, organic materials and brilliant, do look them up, keep bread lovely and soft,far better than a plastic bag ever did. They are made in Hawkes Bay, we were down that way and went to the Farmers Market they are online as well.
I am so impressed with them have already had a second order to give as birthday presents.
My reason writing really was to give you a huge thanks for inspiring me to persevere.
March 25, 2017


Hello Eva and Ian
It was such a great day at Milmore, really looking forward for our next trip to you.
The good energy in your place is so beautiful, grateful to be using your product,
thank you!…GS
March 21, 2017


Yes it's nice to be in contact again! Horrified to read in the "news" on the website about your damaged silos and lost grains due to earthquake......Hope all insured and not too long to get sorted. Also fingers crossed for a good harvest this year!DTB
February 27, 2017
Yes it's nice to be in contact again! Horrified to read in the "news" on the website about your damaged silos and lost grains due to earthquake......Hope all insured and not too long to get sorted. Also fingers crossed for a good harvest this year!DTB
February 27, 2017


So I have had the pleasure of visiting Milmore Downs, on both of my trips to New Zealand. I have to say I never felt as healthy as when I was there. There is a harmony on the land that is rarely experienced and you can taste it in the foods they produce. During my week says, I ate fruits and vegetables, meats, breads and cheeses that were all produced on their land.I think its where I learned the true value of quality foods on your physical and emotional health. This place is a gem, a creation birthed out of long term vision and a passion to be the change this world needs. TG
January 12, 2017


I've been baking with flour from Milmore Downs for 30 years and I wouldn't use anything else. I use it for everything: bread, cakes, biscuits, scones, pancakes and pie crust. It not only has high baking quality it also has great flavor. They mill every week so the flour I receive is so fresh, can't get anything like it at Countdown. GK
January 04, 2017


I love the natural (no additives) products from Milmore Downs, e.g. the flakes which are only flaked, with no further treatments, are perfect for a healthy tasty breakfast, For breadbaking I use their Dinkelflour with its nutty taste, freshly milled flour - delicious!
I never experienced a better the customer service, I get helpful tips even beyond purchases. A big thank you to the team!! NE
December 19, 2016


Thank God for places like this!! Really appreciate their commitment to healthy, organic foods and I love learning about biodynamic farming. Wish there were more family farms like this still around! AJF
December 15, 2016


Just sending you lots of good wishes in this shakey time - hope the farm is holding up well and you and your whanau and friends all ok. When things calm down a little we can hopefully still get your amazing flour via the longer delivery route!
Take care AP
November 17, 2016


The farm is very inspiring, I love that they follow principles of biodynamics agriculture and show so much dedication and caring. EB
November 15, 2016


Milmore's commitment to quality is wonderful. The flavor and aroma of their products keeps me coming back :) Thanks a bunch Milmore Downs!
October 31, 2016


Nice, healthy products from the family run farm. OS
September 26, 2016


Great that you are educating the school students!
April 09, 2016


Thanks very much, we love your grains so much, we would wait forever for them :) AP
April 22, 2015

There were a lot of lovely customers feedbacks..,

we didn't write them on the website, but it soo nice to get the lovely feedbacks. Thank you to everybody who can appreciate what we are doing.

April 22, 2015


I'm so so sorry to hear about your disastrous season. I do think there ought to be financial backup for growers who are so dependant on the vagaries of the climate. All fingers and toes crossed for next season!I hope you'll still be able to answer my question regarding nutritive value of grains beyond one year old......My gut feeling is that biodynamically-grown grains that have been carefully stored must be viable for a long time (and my mind goes to the 7 good years and the 7 lean years in the Joseph story in the Old testament), but I do want to be able to reassure workshop attendees, so I look forward to hearing from you about this.DTB
March 09, 2014


Appreciated, very happy with the whole wheat LM
August 20, 2013


It arrived! Smells amazing! Thanks ever so much!RV
August 08, 2013


many thanks for the flour that arrived last week.  we are all looking forward to trying it out in out breadmaking! LS
August 07, 2013


We received our delivery today of your wonderful grain, thank you. KS
July 06, 2013


My husband has always made beautiful artisan bread but the difference with your products is incredible. We tried the barley flakes as porridge this morning and thoroughly enjoyed that too. We will be back for more supplies and you will definitely be highly recommended by us. In appreciation with our utmost admiration DJT
May 29, 2013


Thank you very much for delivering the flour. I am really looking forward to using it soon. JH
May 13, 2013


Thanks for the wonderful grain you grow RG
May 12, 2013


Just wondering if naked oats are available at the moment? I've run out and am missing them so keen to make another order but read on your news page that they were being processed and not available in early April.

The hulled dinkel is fantastic by the way, I'll be ordering more of that too!JF

May 10, 2013


We have been using your wheat flour along with some stoneground white using the no-knead method and after a bit of adjusting...adding more water and now have a lovely bread formula....its nice and moist and keeps for a few days. Your wholemeal flour is very fine, can you tell me the reason for this. Also, the flavour of the bread is so much nicer. I have mostly used organic flour when making bread but can you tell me why your wheat's different? AL
May 05, 2013


We really enjoy your flour!KG
April 24, 2013


Can we please order some more of your lovely flour, AP
April 01, 2013


I bought some of your lovely flour last year and ready for some more JM
March 02, 2013


Your whole rye makes absolutely fantastic sourdough rye bread. I've just ordered another bag (and some other things) and look forward to it.UN
February 24, 2013


You have come highly reccommended from both NJ who swears by your flour for her bread which she has won awards with, and also by your neighbours J&L who are friends of ours :-). NE
January 08, 2013


Thanks a lot for the yummy oats. Perfect size and superb quality. BD
November 30, 2012


Great products. Thanks for being a great option for quality flour :O AVR
November 24, 2012


Loving baking with your flour and eating it very much :) Will place another order soon. AP
November 12, 2012


Hi I received an order of flour from you guys last week and just wanted to say great work!Thanks, I will definitely be ordering again. GU
October 15, 2012


"Thanks for your beautiful wheat, everyone loves the bread and baking we make with it." MB
October 03, 2012


Thanks - a lovely bag of golden wheat just arrived on doorstep! NC
September 06, 2012

For the extra effort you’ve made so I could get the rye flour in time. Really appreciated. CF

August 06, 2012


Thank you for the valuable service you provide. It is really important to us to get local meat from animals that have been well treated and from a farm that follows environmentally sensitive principals.
So, we are very appreciative of farms like yours. :) CB
June 20, 2012


Thank you for your prompt delivery and more so for the excellent grain you grow! Make it a brilliant day! "Follow your dreams and create a ripple of inspiration" Romy
June 06, 2012
Hi, we received our delivery today of your wonderful grain, thank you. KS

We received our delivery today of your wonderful grain, thank you. KS

It was great to meet you today. Thanks very much for showing us around and explaining what you are doing in the farm, it is very impressive.…BW
Loved the stuff you sent through last time. Makes awesome bread :) AVR