mean values

AVG Quantity/100g
Energy 338 cal
Protein 12.5 g


  2.4 g
  1.7 g

- sugar

   70 g
   0.4 g

dietary fibre

  11.0 g


    0.4 g


 All spelt/Dinkel products are BioGro and Demeter* certified.

Dinkel (triticum spelta) has been grown on the farm for some 15 years, in fact Milmore Downs pioneered this crop and its demanding processing requirements. The old variety used ensures excellent quality. Dinkel is an ancient grain, related to wheat. It was previously widely grown in Europe but due to its low yield and difficult growing characteristics it has mostly been replaced by modern wheat. Although Dinkel contains as much gluten as wheat its gluten (protein) molecule has a different composition which is why many people who are allergic to wheat can eat Dinkel. If you have a wheat allergy though you may or may not be able to eat Dinkel. Just try a small amount first.
Dinkel flour is a wonderful easily digestible product having a pleasant nutty taste. It can be used for bread but also for the full range of baking (cakes and biscuits, scones, pizza base ...) in exactly the same way as ordinary wheat flour though the bread dough may take longer to rise.

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