Nutrients        AVG

mena values  quantity/per 100 g

energy   330 kcal

protein             9.6

Fat total           2.1

carbohydrates 60.3

- sugars            0.8

dietary fibre      0.8



All Barley products are BioGro and Demeter certified.
Barley is one of the oldest domesticated crops having been first recorded in cultivation in prehistoric times. The grain is covered by an outer seed coat that covers the bran layer, a large starchy endosperm, and an oil-containing germ. The hull and bran are removed by a process called pearling. Once pearled it can be further processed to flour, semolina or flakes.
Barley flakes are ideal ingredients for mueslis – or even an excellent replacement for oat flakes – they are sweeter with a lower fat content. Try making 'granola' - lightly toast with a few raisins, a drizzle of honey, sunflower or pumpkin seeds and perhaps some nuts.
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