Meat, Beef & Lamb

The animals are certified BioGro, your guarantee that exacting organic standards have been followed.

We received some dreadful news from Harris Meats, the Cheviot abattoir where our lambs and beef are slaughtered. They have closed down slaughtering for any 'private' customers. We don’t know if they will still kill for large customers, or only animals they have bought for their own marketing, or anything else. They just informed us 'no more'. They gave us no warning. They rang and said the service is withdrawn. Effectively immediately.

Of course, we are only able to sell meat from animals that have been killed in approved facilities with veterinary inspection and Food Act compatible systems. Harris Meats had all the approvals, but at our scale it seems that no-one else does. So at the moment there is no inspected killing facility available.

We are permitted to home kill animals, but only for us. This can be done by us, or by a home kill contractor who will pack the various cuts in his certified butchery. Uninspected slaughter can yield meat only for personal consumption by the owner of the animal. But you must have owned the animals for at least a month for this option – we can’t even sell you the live animals that you would then get the contractor to slaughter and pack (28th November 2018).



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