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The animals are certified BioGro, your guarantee that exacting organic standards have been followed.


Angus/ Hereford/Devon cross cattle run extensively guarantee high quality meat with excellent taste. Our cows are friendly, living to a ripe old age while still rearing strong healthy calves every year. The calves are weaned from their mums when they are ten months old onto premium Biodynamic pasture. This together with their low stress life is reflected in the superior taste and tenderness of the meat. Note: we had for nearly for 3 years drought conditions, so we were forced to sell our cattle to other farmers much earlier. We'll let you know, when beef is available again.

The kg price is $15.00 plus GST. You get around 150 - 160 kg of meat that has been killed, cut, packed and delivered to Christchurch. You need to pick it up from Polar Cold in Prebbleton the best the same day (we tell you when it is there!) or ask us to deliver to your door (delivery charge on top). The exact total price of a cattle beast depends on how heavy the animal is in fact. For more information please contact us via email or phone 03 3413 712/0278188333. Butchers, who wants to have organic meat, are very welcomed to contact us.



Composite meat breed yields fast growing vibrant lambs and hence high quality meat. The grazing rotation is relaxed, no veterinary remedies are needed for these healthy animals and like the cattle production a stress-free life yields tender meat.

Lambs or hoggets: the carcass kg price is $ 12.00 all inclusive. A young sheep yields between 20 - 30 kgs. The best ordering time for lambs is October/November, killing in December, and for later born lambs February/March!
You can order beef or sheep on the hoof and share with friends. Slaughtering has to be booked in at the abattoir, and there is usually a queue so let us know well in advance. We arrange processing, pick up from Cheviot or our farm and delivery to Christchurch (Prebbleton) for picking up there. For more information please contact us or phone 027433539.
February 2018:
Easter lambs from Milmore Downs!
Make your Easter into something special with a lamb for a family meal.
A box of lamb will last you through the year (freezer of course must be available).

The lambs grew slowly, naturally on our organic farm, which has been Demeter and BioGro certified for more than 30 years. The lambs are between 23 and 28 kg carcass weight, the price is $12/kg (this means around $300 for the complete lamb, cut and packed in a mix of chops and roasts).

Please ring Matt on his phone 0274373539 for delivery options; on farm pick up or delivery to addresses between the farm and Rangiora/Christchurch city.

Wholesalers please fullfil this form or please contact us.
a little video about shearing at Milmore Downs





Time for Ordering a Lamb

Our lambs are growing and the time when they get ready for selling is coming up. If you are interested in a lamb let us know pretty soon, because we have to book in at the abattoir.
Oct 18, 2013
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