Expended range of different organic wheat flours

After our new mill is set up we can offer an expended range of flours.
Our wholemeal flour is Zentrofan milled as you know, the gently method of producing a finely milled product with the full range of nutritional value.
The other flours are reduced in bran (to different degrees - see price list), the texture is slightly coarser but still high in nutritional value and taste due to the bran content. The germ is not removed, the flour should be used as fresh as possible.
Jan 20, 2018




Exciting milling developments on the farm – the new mill has arrived!

Finally the two large crates have landed at Milmore Downs after travelling a long way out of the Austrian alps in East Tyrol.There will be some commissioning before it is all up and running for the first millings, but we hope to be supplying you with a fine light unbleached flour soon.
The mill is a two stone mill that delivers the flour to a sieving box which allows us to produce a range of new products. The sieves are interchangeable; we can take out all the coarse bran fraction, or only part of it, we can take out a semolina grade, we can offer a range of ‘whiter’ flours which will meet the varying requirements of bread and bakery goods production. It will suit both home and commercial production.

These will be high value organically certified products that still retain much of the whole grain nutrition advantages as the germ is still present and some of the minerals. The lighter nature without any protein reduction will extend the range of possible products like cakes and pastries. This option is in addition to our well-known and widely appreciated, finely milled ‘zentrofan’ wholemeal flour with its wholegrain, complete nutrition. We will post soon more information.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from the team of Milmore Downs

Dec 19, 2017



Cow Horn Manure Preparation

Lifting the cow horns filled with cow manure which have been put down in autumn
Sunday, 29th October 2017 on the farm, Scargill, North Canterbury
pm Shared Lunch (please bring a savoury dish - finger food would be the easiest – orsomething for the afternoon tea)
1.30 pm Lifting and emptying of the horns and a compost preparation, and preparing a CPP (Cow pat pit) with discussion and explanations
Maybe you are wondering what that is about or you might have heard about biodynamic farming, but don't know much about it? So come along and get an inside view, and enjoy getting a good job done in stimulating company!
About 4pm end with afternoon tea
If wet, contact us on 033143712.
Oct 29, 2017


Lambs for purchase available

if you want to buy a lamb, please contact us, we will put you on the list and we will send you a cutting form. Lambs are available in December. Orders please from now onwards, latest mid of November.
Oct 20, 2017


Demand for Dinkel 2017

This year the demand for Dinkel is unexpectable high. We hope you understand the need to share the Dinkel we have left. You can order max 5 kg flour/order, no hulled Dinkel. Thanks a lot for your commitment.
Oct 19, 2017



Autumn Biodynamic Preparation Day

Saturday, 25th March at Milmore Downs
12.30 Shared Lunch, please bring a plate, 1.30pm Discussion, filling and burying the horns.
Everybody is very welcome to join this event.
Looking forward
Mar 02, 2017




A big thank you to all our customers

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all our customers who supported us through the year, and for the positive feedback that you so often send. We are pleased that you appreciate the quality, that you love the products – we do too which is why we put so much effort into every detail!

You’ll know that recent times have been very challenging; the drought which lingered on over more than two years had a large impact on the farm and on top of that the earthquakes in November shook us up badly. We even had silos full of wheat thrown over, spilling contents and buckling the structure so they had to be written off. During the following days of frequent aftershocks, we had many messages, offers of help and willing hands – a tremendous support which helped us back onto our feet. Thank you very sincerely. It was wonderful to feel the network surrounding and supporting the farm and the farmers.

We’ll have a short break between Christmas and New Year to start preparations for harvest, and then look forward to a less challenging time in 2017.

May you all have a blessed Christmas, some time for reflection and a good start into the New Year.

With warm greetings from the farm team at Milmore Downs.
Dec 18, 2016


Lambs available

Lambs for privates available, 3 more lambs can be bought now, they will be killed on Thursday. Be the first three ones, and you'll have an organic lamb for xmas. More information under the button meat from Milmore Downs (only shipping on the South Island, the easiest would be if you can pick the prepared box of meat up from the farm (but we can arrange an overnight courier as well) or ring 0278188333.
Dec 07, 2016



Spring Biodynamic Preparation Day

Sunday 30th October at Milmore Downs - Organic Agriculture
12.30 Shared Lunch, please bring a plate, 1.30pm Discussion, lifting of the horns and the bladder we buried in autumn, and we will put down nettle.
Everybody is very welcome to join this event.
Looking forward
Oct 25, 2016



Drop off points in rural areas

You may be able to avoid RD charges by collecting your delivery from one of the courier drop points near you. Please tell us with your ordering if you want to use one of the drop off points.
Sep 08, 2016
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