White Flour BioGro

unfortunately out of stock
Feb 27, 2019



Shortage of wheat at the moment, we can't offer all wheat products and some products only in small amounts. Read more here again after the harvest.
Feb 08, 2019



Dinkel/Spelt is harvested!

All products and quantities are available again!
Jan 31, 2019




No organic Meat from us available anymore

Yesterday we received some dreadful news from Harris Meats, the Cheviot abattoir where our lambs and beef are slaughtered. They have closed down slaughtering for any "private' customers. We don’t know if they will still kill for large customers, or only animals they have bought for their own marketing, or anything else. They just informed us ‘no more. They gave us no warning. They rang and said the service is withdrawn. Effectively immediately. It is very distressing for us, and we imagine for you too.

Of course, we are only able to sell meat from animals that have been killed in approved facilities with veterinary inspection and Food Act compatible systems. Harris Meats had all the approvals, but at our scale it seems that no-one else does. Your lambs are drafted, weighed up and ready to transport on next Thursday all to no avail.

We are permitted to home kill animals, but only for us. This can be done by us, or by a home kill contractor who will pack the various cuts in his certified butchery. Uninspected slaughter can yield meat only for personal consumption by the owner of the animal.
Nov 28, 2018


Bought in Dinkel/spelt

You know we were running short of Dinkel/spelt! We tried to source locally grown Dinkel/spelt....and we found some BioGro certified Dinkel/spelt from a partner farm not too far away from us. It is not much, what we could get, so the amounts we can can sell per order stays th. But isn't it great, Dinkel/spelt flour is available!!!
Nov 17, 2018



Less Dinkelflour per order, read below.....

We are really pleased to report that Milmore Downs spelt products are highly appreciated as quality products. Increasing numbers of people, both end consumers and commercial operations, are discovering it … but there is a down side. Our stocks are depleting fast!

The consequence is that we cannot supply you with the usual regular amounts if we want the flour to stretch through until the end of January 2019. Rather than come to a complete ‘sorry – sold out’ announcement in advance of the new seasons grain we’d like to suggest cooperation as an alternative by getting less per order. That is why you can't see the bigger amounts in the ordering lists. Thanks for your understanding.

Oct 31, 2018



Great News for Mushroom Growers

We have a good amount of BioGro/Demeter certified whole rye (maybe her a read more?) that is showing some sprout damage due to the very difficult harvesting conditions we experienced this summer. Unfortunately the damage is sufficient that the grain is not good baking quality but in all other respects is best organic material. It is a good growing substrate for mushrooms – we can supply it whole or kibbled as desired at the highly discounted price of $0.90 per kg plus GST, $010/kg on top for kibbling.

If you are interested, write an email to info@milmoredowns.co.nz

Sep 20, 2018



Getting short of Dinkel

From now on we sell only 5kg Dinkelflour maximum per order. Thanks for your understanding.
Jul 04, 2018



Milmore Easter Lambs!


Make your Easter into something special with a lamb for a family meal.

A box of lamb will last you through the year (freezer of course must be available).

The lambs grew slowly, naturally on our organic farm, which has been Demeter and BioGro certified for more than 30 years. The lambs are between 23 and 28 kg carcass weight, the price is $12/kg (this means around $300 for the complete lamb, cut and packed in a mix of chops and roasts).

Please ring Matt on his phone 0274373539 for delivery options; on farm pick up or delivery to addresses between the farm and Rangiora/Christchurch city.

Mar 02, 2018



The new season begins

Well what a year it has been – we’ve had everything thrown at us in a climatic sense! The spring was late, after a wet tail end to the winter which saw the Dinkel field turn into a lake. Waterlogged ground is not ideal for any plant, and so of course a part of the area was drowned out.
The Oats for our own green manure seed were sown, drowned, re-sown and in the end almost abandoned.
But then, come November, it all changed – blazing temperatures and not a drop of rain for over six weeks forced crops to an early maturity with small grain size. This hit the wheat and rye particularly. The potential to sprout in the ear should moisture arrive is also ever present under such conditions. January, and the next challenge – a tropical cyclone bringing some 120mm of rain over a week or so. And it wasn’t the only rain event that month so harvesting was a matter of high speed when the day permitted followed by waiting for the next window of suitable conditions to get started again. By the end of the month it was all in the silos, variable yields, variable quality but still offering us the hope of being able to supply you all over the next 12 months.
Parallel to the work in the fields, we have had two exciting new developments – both expansions - to the milling and the irrigation.
Both are still in the commissioning phase but we hope to be able to offer an increased range of grain products through the importation of a stone mill and sieving box from East Tyrol, Austria, and to ensure better success with the crops we grow by having a greater area able to be watered. We hope the investments mean we can better meet your needs looking into the coming years.

Feb 28, 2018
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